Open Source development

When developing Open Source software it may easily happen that development takes different ways. I hereby offer myself as a coordinator for different projects. My idea is that there is a central main source that is published regularly as new versions. This source is the starting point for new development. These may take place in parallel, but they are worked into the main source centrally (i.e. by me). This way inconsistencies should be avoidable.

If you send in changes or if you have questions regarding the source you can reach me at my adresses.


Here's the exact procedure:
  • When fixing a problem or when making only small changes only the changed code sequence need to be sent in. I then make the same changes to the main source code.
  • When making larger changes or when implementing new features the project should be announced first. This is to avoid that several programmers work on the same project without knowing of each other. When a project is started the programmers should coordinate their actions.
    Changes to the status of a running project should be announced as well.
  • When a project is done and has gone through alpha testing, the new source files should be sent in. I then include the new files in the next public version.

Current projects

ProjectDeveloperInitial versionStatus
Improving FSC-54 support serguei trouchelle <vidrada@creator.dp.ua> 1.24.1 Started
2-colored quoting Alexander Batalov, 2:5015/88@FidoNet 1.24.1 Finished
Support for FMail later than 1.02 Alexander Batalov, 2:5015/88@FidoNet 1.24.1 Finished