FleetStreet News

Web re-launch

04. December 2004

Re-launch of the web site.

FleetStreet 1.27.1

14. March 2000

Version 1.27.1 is a bug fix for the display problem of version 1.27.

FleetStreet 1.27

6. March 2000

Version 1.27 contains minor changes and fixes. Furthermore it extends support for LoraBBS.

FleetStreet 1.26

10. January 2000

Version 1.26 fixes a Year-2000-Problem in MSGAPI32.DLL. Furthermore it extends support for BBToss.

FleetStreet 1.25.1

31. October 1999

Version 1.25.1 contains a fix for the new features of 1.25.

FleetStreet 1.25

11. October 1999

The latest version of FleetStreet contains a few extensions that were all done by Alexander Batalov, 2:5015/88@FidoNet.

FleetStreet 1.24.1

28. April 1999

This version contains a minor bugfix.

FleetStreet 1.24 in Open Source version

25. April 1999

Version 1.24 brings major changes. At first this version can be used freely. Registering the program is no longer necessary or possible.

Second, the source code is made available. This way FleetStreet can be changed or enhanced by anybody.

Also see the license for FleetStreet.

FleetStreet version 1.23

28. October 1998

FleetStreet 1.23 contains the following changes:

  • During Find operation the results window could be closed, leading to strange behaviour.
  • Trying to delete a message in a corrupted message area could cause FleetStreet to crash.
  • In Fastecho's configuration file, environment variables in path names are supported.
  • Up to 100 addresses possible

ELSA and GRADD drivers revisited

04. July 1998

According to information by ELSA the driver problem is probably with the GRADD interface rather than with the part of the driver made by ELSA. The display problems may therefore also occur with non-ELSA GRADD drivers. If you encounter such problems, please send a message.

Settings not saved when shutting down

18. May 1998

FleetStreet usually saves its settings even when not normally closed but when the system is shut down while FleetStreet is running. This doesn't seem to be the case when using the WarpCenter to shutdown the system. Using the shutdown function in the desktop's context menu works, so I recommend using that.

Year-2000 issues

05. May 1998

While current versions of FleetStreet are year-2000 compliant, you will run into problems if you still use the Squish tosser. The current version 1.11 writes corrupted message timestamps for messages created after the year 2000. Note that this is not a problem of the Squish message base format but only of the Squish tosser program! Other tossers like Fastecho don't have this problem. So keep begging to Scott Dudley for fixes...

ELSA GRADD video drivers

04. May 1998

Obviously the current ELSA GRADD video drivers are so buggy that even the FleetStreet install program may not run. On some systems, FleetStreet can be installed, but later you will run into problems. Since this is definately a driver problem, I can't fix it myself. I can only recommend to stay up-to-date with ELSA drivers and hope that they will soon deliver stable drivers.